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LEDRanch is committed to improving the functionality and performance of indoor/outdoor horse arenas and horse barns through state-of-the-art LED lighting systems. Research has shown there may be a link between adequate LED lighting and enhanced performance of horses in training and competition.

We understand the importance of well-illuminated spaces for the optimal operation of your horse arena or horse barn. Apart from potentially boosting horse performance, arena owners can capitalize on energy efficiency incentives and possible rebates by adopting our LED lighting solutions. Our durable LED lights guarantee long-lasting performance, surpassing traditional lighting options and resulting in long-term savings on lighting expenses. With a focus on innovation and environmental responsibility, reach out to LEDRanch for efficient and economical lighting solutions tailored to your equine arena or barn. 

Indoor Arena LED Lights

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“Can not thank LEDRanch enough for our AMAZING arena upgrade!!! We placed our order on Tuesday of THIS week and have arena lights 4 days later!! What a stellar turnaround time – and great people to work with! They light the arena up perfectly and was so easy to mount and adjust the angles as well! Thank you to our great group of friends for helping get this done this morning.  Bring on summertime.”



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