Commerical Fan Installations

Airplane Hangar Fan – HVLS INDUSTRIAL FAN

LEDWisconsin is dedicated to installing HVLS commerical fans for customers who are in need to proper airflow.

Airplane hangars require effective airflow and de-stratification to maintain optimal conditions throughout the year. In winter, heat tends to accumulate near the ceiling, making it essential to use large circulating fans to push the warm air down. This ensures even temperatures, dry floors, and a comfortable working environment while reducing heating costs. During spring and fall, temperature fluctuations can be dramatic.  Circulating fans play a crucial role in these seasons by maintaining dry floors and preventing condensation on and inside planes. By ensuring the warm air is evenly distributed, these fans help safeguard the aircraft from the adverse effects of moisture and temperature changes.

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Sow Transfer Station – HVLS INDUSTRIAL FAN

Installing fans in sow transfer stations, particularly in open-sided buildings that house animals, offers significant benefits. High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans are especially effective in such environments. They provide optimal air circulation, which is crucial for improving animal comfort. Proper airflow helps to regulate temperature, reducing heat stress and ensuring a healthier, more productive environment for the sows. This constant movement of air also aids in minimizing the accumulation of ammonia and other harmful gases, promoting better respiratory health.

Additionally, improved air circulation can help in controlling humidity levels, thus reducing the risk of mold and bacterial growth. Overall, the implementation of HVLS fans in sow transfer stations contributes to enhanced animal welfare, leading to better growth rates and increased productivity.

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