Increase Airflow

& Prevent Moisture Build-up

At LEDWisconsin, we understand that a clean and functioning environment is crucial to our customers’ success. We care deeply about the quality and efficiency of each product and how it supports our customers in achieving their goals. Ensuring a space is well-aerated, clean, and dry is a non-negotiable.

Our offerings of industrial-grade fans provide the best solution for customers aiming to improve their spaces by increasing airflow and preventing moisture build-up.

We offer a variety of sizes, ranging from 10 to 30 foot fans with 24 feet being our most popular size. We are pleased to offer some variety, providing customizable color options to enhance your space visually as well. LEDWisconsin fans have a wide application of industries, including:

  • Arenas
  • Commercial Garages
  • Machine Shops
  • Airport Hangers


Airflow is essential to preventing mold and mildew that would compromise the quality or well-being of products, materials, or animals in your space. Fans have been proven to keep mold and mildew at bay by providing adequate ventilation and keeping the area dry and inhospitable to mold growth.

Fans also decrease the likelihood of rusting, improving material lifespans and ensuring increased financial savings. This increase in airflow to your space can also save on cooling and heating bills by keeping a consistent temperature throughout.

Keeping an area well-ventilated and dry also creates a safer environment by reducing the likelihood of slippery floors and surfaces. This has a huge impact on the general safety of your environment. Additionally, mounted ceiling fans reduce the likelihood of tripping hazards created by plug-in fans with long cords.

Improve Airflow

Airflow is an ideal solution for several safety and efficiency needs. Contact Us today to place an order and get started on your space improvement!

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