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LEDWisconsin is dedicated to enhancing the productivity of dairy farms through the implementation of cutting edge LED lighting systems. Studies have indicated a positive correlation between sufficient LED lighting and increased milk production in dairy cows.

 LEDWisconsin recognizes the significance of well-lit environments for the overall efficiency of the farm. In addition to the potential for higher milk yields, farmers stand to benefit from energy efficiency incentives and rebates by incorporating LED lighting solutions. The durable nature of the LED lights ensures longevity, outlasting traditional lighting solutions and leading to a reduction in lighting costs over time. With a commitment to innovation and sustainability, contact LEDWisconsin for efficient, and cost-effective lighting solutions for your dairy farm.

Dairy Barn LED Lights


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“I would absolutely order from LEDWisconsin again. The lights are much better than my old 100 watt lights. I bought 46 LEDWIHBX150W50K for my holding area and 10 HB02100W27V50K for my parlor. It was a breeze ordering and everything came in top notch condition, Aaron is definitely a light expert.”


Newville, PA

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