About Us


Aaron Kiebler became the sole owner of LEDWisconsin in 2022. Originally located in Baraboo, WI, Kiebler relocated the company to Pennsylvania to continue to grow and expand the business’ products and services to better serve customers.

What We Do

LEDWisconsin has become the premier source for dairy farm operators searching for custom light and fan fixtures across the United States. We have customers from California to New York and Wisconsin to Florida, and everywhere in between! We partner with our customers, electricians, and equipment dealers to design your custom LED lighting and fan system.

Our products include:

  • LED Lights
  • High Volume, Low Speed Fans

We offer a standard 5-year warranty on most of our products so you can purchase from LEDWisconsin with assurance. We are proud to say that we have well under a 1% repair or replacement rate. We also offer our customers additional services including:

  • Direct Shipping of All Products Anywhere in the U.S.
  • Contacting Power Companies to Assist Customers in Receiving LED Light Rebates
  • Custom Lighting for Indoor/Outdoor Animal Show Arenas

Who We Serve

LEDWisconsin serves both large and small scale dairy and animal farmers, and commercial and industrial warehouses. Currently, we have customers in 31 states in all parts of the country and are growing.

We pride ourselves on direct customer communication and customer service. When you work with LEDWisconsin, you are always working with someone who is dedicated to finding the best solution for you. We are experts in our industry with years of experience. We have become the trusted resource for dairy farmers across the country and have a longer track record with LED lights in the industry than almost anyone.

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