LEDWisconsin Offers Industrial Fans for Horse Arenas, Commercial Garages, Machine Shops, and Airport Hangers

by | Jun 26, 2024 | Agriculture, Horse Arena, Industrial, News, Warehouse


Airflow may be one of the most crucial yet overlooked details of industrial-grade buildings and their associated businesses. Although it may not be thought of as often, good airflow is one of the key components to a smoothly run operation. Read on to see what airflow solutions we offer at LEDWisconsin and why they are so important.

The Importance of Airflow

At LEDWisconsin, our customers work in a variety of important industries that require industrial-sized buildings such as horse arenas, commercial garages, machine shops, and airport hangers. Industrial buildings most commonly have high ceilings, large open spaces to accommodate machinery and equipment, loading docks for receiving and shipping, and specialized electrical and HVAC systems. Because of the nature of these large open spaces, good airflow is essential for keeping the space dry, circulating with fresh air, and offering ideal conditions for people, animals, and machinery.

Horse Arenas & Stables

Not only does good airflow keep a space fresh and workable, but also it prevents mold and mildew growth. Very often, industrial-sized spaces such as horse barns and arenas involve the use of water or other liquids due to animals, maintenance practices, or other associated reasons. At such a large scale, operations must prioritize airflow in order the keep the space workable and livable.

In particular, airflow is crucial to the well-being of animals who spend long amounts of time indoors or sleep indoors. Airflow keeps food safe and prevents dust and mold accumulation, which is critical for the lung health of animals and staff.

Good airflow provided by industrial-sized fans also protects against mold and mildew from occurring on any porous materials, not just food. This includes any wood in the form of pallets and lumber. Eliminating mold and mildew formation keeps your work environment livable and enjoyable for all of those involved and sets a standard of excellence for your business.


Proper airflow is significant for many industries. One of the most prominent among our customers is businesses operating from warehouses. Proper airflow within industrial spaces like warehouses is significant in protecting against:

  • Mold & Mildew
  • Dust Accumulation
  • Rust & Equipment Breakdown
  • Hazards Such as Slippery Floors
  • And More!

Warehouses are specifically prone to both humidity accumulation and the building up of fumes. These environments can become damp, hot, and hazardous quickly. For this reason, air quality and airflow is of the utmost importance. Keeping clean air circulating is essential as workers operate within the warehouse conditions. A higher quality work environment translates to happier and healthier employees and ultimately, better customer service and product results.


Keeping a space dry is also crucial for equipment upkeep. Moist conditions will degrade equipment over time. A dry workspace prevents rust development and allows machinery to continue operating at its peak performance. This is important for providing optimal working conditions for employees and, therefore, a better customer result. Furthermore, an increase in airflow to industrial-sized spaces due to fans can help you save money by keeping temperatures consistent and heating and cooling bills down.

Most practically, good airflow is essential to keeping a space dry which in turn means a lesser likelihood of accidents. When humidity is high, condensation makes floors slippery. Big shop ceiling fans can keep those areas dry by maintaining gentle air movement. Additionally, mounted ceiling fans reduce the likelihood of tripping hazards created by plug-in fans with long cords.

What We Offer

At LEDWisconsin, we know that industrial-grade ceiling fans are a game changer for our customers. Keeping spaces dry, cool, and functioning at their peak is central to the efficiency of our customers. By offering fans made in America, our customers can expect shorter lead times and the highest level of quality.

We offer a variety of sizes, ranging from 10 to 30-foot fans. We are pleased to offer some variety as well, providing customizable color options to enhance your space visually. LEDWisconsin fans have a wide application of industries, offering solutions to a large body of hard working customers.

Check out our website for additional information on our offerings or contact us today to learn more about how LEDWisconsin can help you advance your space.