Wondering if you are lighting properly in your Dairy operation?

150W HighBay   $329 Installed*

200W Highbay    $399 Installed* 

*Rebate Responsibility of Client

*Plus Applicable Taxes where apply

*Minimum Order Qty 24

*Labor included for 1:1 replacement of hook mounted twist lock plug fixtures, pulling wire or troubleshoot wiring issues additional fees may apply

*Hardwired or Pipe Mounted May be extra

*Disposal of Existing fixtures Not included

*Additional work asked to billed separately

* Flexible Install demands may cause an extra fee

*Program May end without warning,  we will honor ALL existing Agreements

*Agreements are 50% deposit before scheduling

50% upon completion

We can work with your existing Electrician or Consumer's Directly if desired

Delivery to you is included within Continental USA

God Created light, we Capture it

LED technology does have limitations, especially in the harsh Dairy Environment. Do you know what they are so you can choose the right fixture for your application? 3 things to consider. 1) How does it dissipate heat in the application it is installed. 2) Being a directional light source, will that affect your application. 3) LED Driver load and heat calculations, what are they and why does it matter? To elaborate on one point ,how does it dissipate heat in the application it is to be installed? LED tubes or LED strips retrofitted into an insulated fluorescent container won't dissipate the heat to the outside of the container because it is insulated. The light may work for a time, but not as long as you were hoping for.  If you don't know why this or other issues are a problem for LED in Dairy, you or your electrician can call us to go over our fixtures and affordability programs. Our door is always open for questions call or text Kurt's cell 608.963.9171 or send an email to LEDWisconsin@gmail.com

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